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Google Ads

Morphio - based in Stockholm, Sweden - is a Google Ads (PPC / SEM) certified Google Partner, also offering a range of other digital marketing services.


We work in English & Swedish.

All Google Ads related services, including:

  • Setting up Google Ads accounts & ensuring correct tracking and measurement of results

  • Conducting a full keyword analysis

  • Setting up and optimising search campaigns, such as bids, keywords & ad copy 

  • Running your remarketing ads, display ads, Google Shopping ads, YouTube ads, or help you promote your app

  • Syncing your Google Ads activities with your other channels, eg organic search (SEO), social media, email, as well as your overall communications and sales objectives

Our clients:

Morphio specialises in helping businesses that offer sustainable physical products, or innovative solutions for environmental or community issues, as well as new or heritage brands within art and design.


Services are offered on a setup fee+retainer basis, or as agreed stand-alone projects only - never as a percent on media spend or by commission.

Please contact for a quote.

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