Google Ads

Morphio - based in Stockholm, Sweden - is a Google Ads (PPC / SEM) certified Google Partner, with over 15 years' experience with Google, Bing and other paid search keyword-marketing, as well as with Google Analytics and a range of other tools and digital marketing services.


We work in English & Swedish.

All Google Ads related services, including:

  • Setting up Google Ads accounts & ensuring correct tracking and measurement of results

  • Conducting a full keyword analysis

  • Setting up and optimising search campaigns, such as bids, keywords & ad copy 

  • Running your remarketing ads, display ads, Google Shopping ads, YouTube ads, or help you promote your app

  • Syncing your Google Ads activities with your other channels, eg organic search (SEO), social media, email, as well as your overall communications and sales objectives

Our clients:

We work both with global agencies as a SEM resource, as well as with direct clients, large and small.


We charge either by the hour, on a setup+retainer basis or as agreed stand-alone projects only - never as a percent on media spend or by commission.

Please contact for a quote.