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CEO & Digital Advisor
Sara Tebelius
About me

After studies in Psychology followed by IT (crazy combination, people said then), I followed my questions about human behaviour and the power of data, and began working in digital with the BBCs message boards portal (at the time, the largest UGC-platform in the UK), in 2001.


This was about the same time as Google started selling search ads and before social media was even called that. Studying and working in digital communication, advertising and search marketing, I spent 14 professionally and personally formative years in the UK, before returning to Sweden where I live today.

As a digital sales strategist with specialist Paid Search and Paid Social skills, I have deep experience working with many major brands in some of the most competitive digital markets (for example travel/hospitality & fashion retail), in Sweden and internationally.


As an independent consultant, I apply my personal commitment to the needs of your business. My advice and services are drawing on insights from both startups and mature organisations, thereby providing unique value to both. Please see previous clients.


How can I help your business?


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